2014 World of Concrete

“WOC and Roll” is a tribute to 40 great years of the World of Concrete; a geometric abstraction visualized by Boulder Polishing and Troy Vancil. Rock and roll weaves a thread through generations – connecting grandparent to grandchild. Just as rock and roll has developed and transcended through generations, so too has the World of Concrete, bonding parent and child as it enters its third generation. Rock and Roll continues to grow by building on the creativity of multiple generations. So too, will concrete artistry. Each year we see more and more artwork being incorporated into concrete surfaces, from residential to commercial. As a result, the “Artistry in Decorative Concrete” exhibit attracts an ever-increasing number of cutting edge artists from around the country. Building on ideas of those that have come before them, their creativity and diversification is reflected in works that then lay the groundwork for future concrete artisans. It is in this spirit of innovation and enduring quality that Boulder Polishing dedicates this project to the World of Concrete. We hope that future generations will continue to visualize and create concrete with form and function that permeates our daily lives. In the words of the Rolling Stones “I said, I know it’s only rock and roll, but I like it, I like it, yes I do.”